Holistic Manual Medicine and Holistic Personal Training are two tools, which are as important for me as a right and a left hand. They can be used independently, but when they work together you can archive so much more ! 

My unique offer combines academic medicine, soft manual medicine and a holistic approach towards life, injury, trauma and healing.  

Medical consultation joins a holistic training, where you learn how to give yourself (or your child) the best chances - in your daily life- to prevent long lasting injury, diseases and pain.

My services are for children and for adults. They include a medical assessment, soft manual treatments, pain and movement therapy by Liebscher & Bracht, work with the Inner Family System (IFS by Richard Schwarz, PhD), and regulation of the Autonomic Nervous System. Body-oriented Trauma-Therapy, Energy and Breath Work is added on demand.


I recommend a session: 

- for health promotion

- at birth

- during pregnancy and after delivery

- for pain prevention (children and adults)

- after injuries, trauma, surgery

- pain therapy (stiff neck, migraines, back ache, muscular tension, joint pain, abdominal pain, etc.)

- chronic stress

- office work (if you sit more than 4 hours/day)

- personal development

- holistic support with daily life trainings


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About me: 

I am a Medical Doctor, with 20 years of medical training and experience in Switzerland and abroad, mainly in integrative family medicine, paediatrics, anaesthesiology, emergency and mountain medicine. I turned my interest to manual medicine long ago, and was amazed by it's effectiveness in pain therapy and pain prevention. Inspired by my scientific knowledge of the fascias body system, I completed my training in Structural Osteopathy and Soft Chiropractics by Dr. Ackermann (Sweden) in 2018 and learned the Pain and Movement Therapy by Roland Liebscher & Bracht in 2021.

In my integrative medical office, I realized how strong the body and emotions where related one to another. To know more about it, I joined Claudia and Andrea Wandel's Body-oriented Trauma-Therapy and Holistic Awareness Training in 2023. 

I now wish to offer a combination of all these learned techniques, and based on my intense medical training and experience, I simply know how important prevention and early soft manual treatment is. 

Every session is an experience for body, mind and soul. 

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